We make all your desires come true!

We produce tailored-made concepts in specific order or according to a thematic of your choice. Our creative team can propose you new ideas according to your inspirations.

Either it is a small or huge proportion, we have everything’s needed to make your event’s vision a reality, and without exceed any budgets and deadlines. From your demand, a process of turnkey creation is offered to you.

From the smiling hostess who welcomes you to the fabulous decors enriched by artist’s costumes that will bring the perfect mood. For a short moment of fantasy or a great deployment show, our team is there to guide you to make of your event a unique and unforgettable moment.

Our expertise and our many resources give us the privilege to fill the needs of a particular clientele, such as those working in the performing arts and circus, as well as corporations of all kinds, be they public or private sectors.

This amalgam of event creation and artist agency makes our distinction! Everything is achievable within our organization; it is your aspirations that build our inspiration!


You have a special occasion to highlight and you would like to offer a ” Wow! ” to your audience? From the promotional launch to entertainment of your festivals and other municipal or private organizations, we can implement a personalized show at small or large deployment. This extravagant and exclusive performance will be above all your expectations.


We have the skills to imagine and realize our visions to create characters depending on your inspirations with a touch of our contagious extravaganza. Those creatures and other animated delirium will be brought to life by our professional and multitalented team to stun all kind of audience.


You are searching the way to make your clientele travel through time and space. We have larger-than-life decor to impress everyone, from the colorful world of Tim Burton to the frightening Victorian castle of Count Dracula.

We can also provide you the little detail to embellish your event by adding simple decorations, such as centerpieces and any other flourish for you to enjoy.

If we do not have it, we will create it for you!